• HowTo: Use transparent texture to create wings

    HowTo: Use transparent texture to create wings0

    The activity described in this posting – creating a butterfly wings and a stylish Neck Gaiters for my avatar — took me a fair amount of work to figure out. This was despite two really good tutorials on transparency (A comprehensive tutorial on transparency and a really good tutorial on transparency and Paint Shop Pro).

  • Zilco Products

    Zilco Products0

    I signed up for the very first designindustry course held at Canterbury University several months back. This was partly due to meeting Dorenda and the team she has built up around her and being so impressed with their enthusiasm and foresight. It also had a lot to do with agreeing with the principle of Canterbury

  • Great Gifts for All men – The Finest Advice

    Great Gifts for All men – The Finest Advice0

    In some cases it can be difficult to find wonderful gifts for males everyone has to produce an appreciated one or enjoyed one on that special event but sometime that can be more challenging than it sounds. luckily delightful presents for men has an extensive selection of great items as well as presents for guys